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Search Engine - Frequently Asked Questions
List of questions frequently asked!.....

  • How long does it take before my website gets listed in various search engines?
    Even though we submit your site to the most popular searchine engines, the server of the search engines and directories, may takes between one day and six weeks for your submission to become a listing. Usually, AltaVista and InfoSeek take only a few days to index your page. Most listings, however, will take several weeks, because search engines receive many submissions every day.

  • How will I know if my site has been listed?
    Once it is successfully registered with the search engine, we will send you an e-mail indicating such. This is not a guarantee that your site will be listed forever. We will also perform various searches within each registration to insure it is properly registered and with ease of visibility.

    Note: It often takes a few weeks for a listing to make it into a search engine.

  • Why should I choose your service that only submits to the top 20 search engines when I can use a service that submits my site to 200+ search engines for half the price?
    More than 95% of Internet Surfers use the top 20 search engines to find websites. In addition to that, 2 of the main directories, Looksmart and DMOZ, allow other websites to use their results as 'plug-in' information on their own sites. So by submitting your site to Looksmart and DMOZ, you will eventually be listed in many other websites around the web as well. Looksmart and DMOZ have rules and regulations that those that use their content must follow as well.

    The other hundreds of search engines are not big enough to impact a crucial amount of traffic to your website. Some of those search engines can actually hinder your website instead of help your website by being listed. One of the reasons for this is spam. Many of the smaller search engines are actually just free-for-all link pages or smaller search engines. They may read in the fine print that when you submit your site to them, you are giving them the right to sell or display your email address and web site to other individuals and companies that may 'spam' you or the email contacts in your website. Spammers are individuals or companies that constantly email junk mail to the victims that get on their list, either through lists that are sold to them, or emails that they find on the Internet through websites. In some cases spam mail has become so bad that individuals must delete hundreds of junk mail messages from their account daily. Anyone on any search engine or email list can be a victim of spam mail, including the top search engines, but some of the smaller search engines and free-for-all link pages actually make it their business so your chances of getting spammed are increased just by submitting your site to them.

    We focus on the top 20 search engines because that is where 95% of your traffic will come from. We also like to stay away from the 'fine print' in the search engines that pop up overnight so that you don't agree to something just by submitting your site.

  • Do you do anything to enhance websites for better placement on the Internet such as doorway pages and other schemes?
    Many of the top search engines frown upon doorway pages and coding schemes to be listed higher in the results. Sometimes, search engines will fail to list a website at all if they sense that the website is trying to trick their robot by repeating keywords over and over again or by creating numerous doorway pages that clog their systems. Mindkeeper Solutions does not agree with these schemes to get a website listed higher in the results because it can hurt a website tremendously if that website is caught and excluded from the results indefinitely. In addition to that, search engines are constantly changing their algorithms to index sites, which means that if you were to pay a company money to enhance your site based on a particular algorithm, that search engine could change that algorithm the next day. Then your site would no longer be enhanced for that search engine and you would have wasted your money. Mindkeeper Solutions only submits websites to search engines. We do not perform enhancements.

  • Why do you only submit the main page of my site?
    Most of the search engines request only the main page because they index the other pages within the website on their own. There are some search engines that allow multiple pages to be submitted, but they only index one or two of those pages if it is from the same root domain. Human directories do not allow multiple pages. Mindkeeper Solutions chooses to submit only the main URL because of search engine and directory rules and regulations.

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